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Hey Everybody, I'm Carli Fierce!

Welcome to Running Into Shape. Are you looking for Free Couch to 5 K Training Podcasts/MP3's , Healthy Recipes, and Weight Loss Motivation? You've come to the right place. I've been a blogger since 2009 and have since wrote a book, inspired thousands to get up and run, lose weight and have fun along the way.

Join me and the many other Fiercelings on a mission to go from Fat to Fit to Fierce!
"If I did it, I KNOW you can!"
-Carli Fierce

Carli’s Latest Blog Posts

  • Have You Tried the African Heritage Diet? 
    Have You Tried the African Heritage Diet? 
    The local public library has some really cool free stuff. Since I’m working the Dave Ramsey debt free plan, “free” sounds better and better these days. For tonight’s free adventure I went to a cooking demonstration for the African Heritage Diet. I like their tag line. “Diabetes […]...
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  • Becoming One of Those Crazy People 
    Becoming One of Those Crazy People 
    It was dark and chilly at 5:40 in the morning as I drove through Forest Park on my way to Hot Yoga class. I saw a group of runners with headlamps jogging down the runners trail. I actually rolled my eyes and said to myself “Look at these […]...
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  • Easy Breakfast Oatmeal
    Easy Breakfast Oatmeal
    One of my go-to easy breakfasts is oatmeal. But it’s always fun to mix up the add-ins.  For today’s all natural oatmeal recipe.  I mixed in sliced almonds, golden raisins and walnuts. Its super easy, I made it in the kitchen at work.  I added hot water from […]...
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  • Flo from Progressive Costume for Halloween
    Flo from Progressive Costume for Halloween
    I had so much fun dressing up like Flo from Progressive.  She personally favorited my costume picture tweet! Here’s what you need for your Flo costume: Red lipstick (I picked up some cheap $2 lipstick and gloss at Family Dollar) White Apron with Progressive Logo (I got the apron for $6 […]...
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