Fat to Fit to Fierce

Hey Everybody, I'm Carli Fierce!

Welcome to Running Into Shape. Are you looking for Free Couch to 5 K Training Podcasts/MP3's , Healthy Recipes, and Weight Loss Motivation? You've come to the right place. I've been a blogger since 2009 and have since wrote a book, inspired thousands to get up and run, lose weight and have fun along the way.

Join me and the many other Fiercelings on a mission to go from Fat to Fit to Fierce!
"If I did it, I KNOW you can!"
-Carli Fierce

Carli’s Latest Blog Posts

  • My First Real Yoga Class & Other Fun Stuff
    Holiday Greetings Fiercelings! I’ve missed you guys (and mostly gals!) I’ve been locked out of my blog for nearly a month. So annoying, I couldn’t write a new post, check my blog stats or anything.  Every time I talked to the heavily accented tech support people, I […]...
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  • Shorty Got Low, Low, Low, Low, Low
    Last night I had my regular Monday training session with my Personal Trainer Dan.  It was a nice cool day, so we went outside first.  We walked to a nearby park.  Every 2 minutes or so we would alternate the walk with a jog.  I told him about some of my frustrations as we walked.  […]...
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  • Saturday Morning Boot Camp Revival
    I’ve missed saturday morning boot camp for the past few weeks because I had saturday appointments with the allergy doctor. That’s all finished now, and its time to get back to my Saturday morning routine. I rolled over and saw that the clock said 7:03 AM. I […]...
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  • Movin’ and Groovin’ in Hollywood California
    Hey Everybody! I just got back from vacation in Los Angeles, California. I was eating (too much), working out, shopping and hanging with my Aunt and her family.  I had an awesome time. She hosts Cleo King’s Open Mic, every week, where people come and showcase their talents.  This week there were […]...
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