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Hey Everybody, I'm Carli Fierce!

Welcome to Running Into Shape. Are you looking for Free Couch to 5 K Training Podcasts/MP3's , Healthy Recipes, and Weight Loss Motivation? You've come to the right place. I've been a blogger since 2009 and have since wrote a book, inspired thousands to get up and run, lose weight and have fun along the way.

Join me and the many other Fiercelings on a mission to go from Fat to Fit to Fierce!
"If I did it, I KNOW you can!"
-Carli Fierce

Carli’s Latest Blog Posts

  • My Ugly but Healthy Morning  
    My Ugly but Healthy Morning  
    As I confessed yesterday on my Facebook Page (@CarliFierce) I didn’t do any grocery shopping or meal planning last week.  I just ate whatever.  I knew it was time to get back on track, so I went to the store and loaded up on healthy foods to […]...
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  • The Daniel Fast is Over
    The Daniel Fast is Over
    For 21 days I committed with my church and my family to do the Daniel Fast, inspired by Daniel in the bible.  I pledged to eat no meat, dairy, sugar, sweeteners, deep fried, alcohol or processed food. This is essentially super clean vegan. I did it! (But […]...
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  • When the Magic is Gone – Daniel Fast Day 17
    When the Magic is Gone – Daniel Fast Day 17
    Well folks, the initial excitement of being on the Daniel Fast has gone. No meat, no sugar, no dairy, no processed foods, no fried foods, no alcohol for 21 days.   I guess that’s not too bad for 17 days.  But all I want is a juicy cheeseburger […]...
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  • Daniel Fast Breakfast - Quinoa Oatmeal
    Daniel Fast Breakfast – Quinoa Oatmeal
    And we’re off!! It’s day 1 of the Daniel Fast. It’s my 2nd time doing it. Last year the fast was sooo good for me. I actually wrote a Psalm, I think I’ll post it here eventually. Anyway, my whole family is joining me this year, some […]...
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